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Artstation are redefining their terms of use

Artstation are redefining their terms of use, we'll see what they will actually say. I guess we have to wait until after the holidays. But it didn't look all too promising, but can't say for sure. Their message (on Twitter) was purposely ambiguous.

AI generated marketplace items in the recommendation emails. This is the future for people here if Artstation do not take a stand against it. I'm already looking of transferring over to other websites as well. As many have stated, Artstation is THE place for professionals to upload their work and there really isn't any good enough alternative. There are alternatives, but the range Artstation offers is by far the best.

In addition, as OccultArt stated (link here:, even though I support and understand people leaving it might not be the best solution. Unpublishing/Deleteing works for now is definitely one way. I won't upload any more artwork here again until Artstations position change. And I certainly won't be buying any subscription from them again.

I am not against AI per se, but I am against of how it was trained from scrubbed and stolen art without zero compensation or thought about the artists. If done properly it could be a great new tool, albeit scary as fuck. It won't go away, but I believe we can manage to create some regulations around it so it's used properly.

Just my two cents.