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Skeleton Poses Pack - Low-poly 3D model

In this pack you will find 26 poses of a low poly skeleton. All individual poses packed together. Lots of variety and if clumped together in a pile it can look really freaky. They are mainly built to be viewed from a medium to long range, but can hold up being on close-ups too if used sparsely and in a proper manner. Everything is packed up in one single .zip file. There’s single files for each pose along with the original Maya scene.

The poses that exists are:

  • 1x T pose (standard T pose, can be used to create bones and a rig)
  • 5x Standing poses
  • 5x Sitting poses
  • 5x Laying poses
  • 5x Hanging poses
  • 5x Random poses

Poly count:

  • Skeleton: 4608 tris
  • Skeleton (All poses together): 119808 tris


  • Skeleton: 2398
  • Skeleton (All poses together): 62348

File extensions:

  • .mb
  • .ma
  • .dae
  • .fbx
  • .obj, .mtl

Enjoy! If you have any comments, suggestions or issues don't hesitate to contact me!

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